Negrišori is a village in the municipality of Lučani, Serbia. According to the 2002 census, the village has a population of 549 people.
North of Guca in Dragacevo, one of the largest cemeteries in this region is at a peak somewhat south of the village. The oldest monuments, undated, could be from the 18th century, and
some maybe earlier. In the cemetery there is an antique stela. The older monuments are located in southwestern part, but certainly the oldest part of the cemetery was on the top of the highest part. Among the oldest monuments can be classified as a dashboard-pillar in the upper part of which is a very plastic cross-section. The oldest dated monument is from 1820. There are several more such massive crosses with medallions at the forefront of the arms in which there are performances of different crosses (anchored cross, repeated cross).
From the monument of the Dragačev type, one should single out the large vertical plate of Sreten, the son of Janko Mihailović – moler, with the performance of the horseman, from 1848. There are several monuments of this type with artistic performances, or without them. The monuments from the 1940s of the XIX century have no artistic performances.